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Are you considering studying in Canada? Or taking your child to Canada to study? More regarding the Canadian educational environment and the educational opportunities open to foreign students.

Canada’s federal and territorial governments are in charge of schooling. In all curriculum development, they conform to exacting standards and quality assurance. Indeed, Canada is well-known for the high standard of education it provides at all stages.

There are several opportunities for learning in Canada, ranging from primary and secondary school to education, university, and graduate studies. You may also train in Canada to develop your English and French, participate in an exchange program, or study at home with either of our online and distance learning services.

Your application process to study in Canada will involve up to three steps:

  • Apply for a college or university program
  • Apply for your study permit and visas for your spouse or children
  • Apply for scholarships

Find out more about how to apply for successful work and study application

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