Recourses Overview - CIWSR | Canada Immigration Work and Study resources

You are one step closer to learning how to apply for Work, Live, and Study Visas in Canada without IELTS, which guarantees a 100 percent success rate.

“WISHING TO WORK AND STUDY IN CANADA.?”,  STOP PAYING AN AGENT, Because of ignorance, a staggering amount of people have fallen victim to shady agents during their travel application process, and their dreams are dashed.

This course is designed to prevent that from happening.

Get access to our resources (point to point video guidelines) that will intensively show you guidelines on how to apply for a work and study program in Canada without IELTS while also connecting you to global opportunities. It’s recommended for anyone interested in live, work and studying in Canada.
Course lessons are organized into these sections:

  • Know the categories of Visa, and which ones to go for.
  • Know the type of program or course to apply for and schools to apply to.
  • Know how to apply and get an offer of admission in few days.
  • Have access to over 500 universities in Canada.
  • Access to Scholarship Programs to study in Canada.
  • Documentation arrangement for Successful Visa application.
  • Documents you will need for Visa application Submission
  • How to apply for a Work permit Visa

Finally, this resource addresses critical questions about the actual application and biometric procedure for study and work visas application.